Reagan Kenneth Wood

Kansas State University

College of Engineering

I picked K-State because Kansas is my home, and the University of Kansas was not an option because of its many inferiorities to KSU. In all seriousness, KU is a good school, I just thought Kansas State had a better engineering program. As far as engineering at KSU is concerned, many students try, and many fail. No matter which branch you choose, it's going to be a long and difficult journey. And to me, that's ok. I've always believed that things worth doing are going to be tough. You're going to want to quit at times, and you may feel like you can't do it. But I believe that through your challenges, you develop your strengths. Through your darkest moments your true character shows. The things you do today that others won't, allow you to do things tomorrow that others cannot.

2015 - Present

Software Engineering

Whenever I talk to someone new, inevitably college will come up at some point. That conversation always gets around to, "What major are you, and why did you pick that". For me, I picked software engineering because it gives you the tools to help thousands of people. You can build an app, start a business, build websites, and so many others. The options are limitless, and to me, that's exciting. It's exciting to be able to start something while you're in college with a computer on the table and code on the screen. You can dream, and then the next day it's possible to turn it into reality. It's powerful and that's why I chose Software Engineering.

2013 - 2014

Mechanical Engineering

When I began studying at KSU, I had declared my major as mechanical engineering. Now it's obvious that I'm no longer pursuing that degree. Let me explain why. I don't know if you've ever done something that left you feeling incomplete. You may have been good at it, but you just had a feeling that it wasn't right for you. To begin with, I was scared what others may think if I switched my major. I'd never been a quitter, and I felt I would be letting others down by switching. Not to mention having to potentially go to school for another semester was also on my mind. So I brushed off my thoughts of switching. I was getting A's in all my classes (except Intro to Political Thought!), so I thought that I just wasn't liking the weed out classes. But that first year I began to think about what I really wanted out of life - What was important to me, what brought me joy, happiness, and what fulfilled me. I quickly realized it wasn't what I was learning in mechanical engineering. With a better sense of who I was came confidence. Confidence that I had the ability to shape the future, not just be moved along by it. All the fear of what others thought about me started to disappear. So I started to look for a tool that could make my dreams a reality. That's how I was lead to Computer Science.

Shawnee Mission Northwest

International Baccalaureate Diploma Recipient

The last two years of high-school, I was part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. A rigorous two-years, it was designed to push advanced and highly motivated students to their limit, and boy did it. I owe a lot of my developed work ethic to that time. My time was being used down to the minute. I was playing high school soccer on top of putting in 60-70 hours of schoolwork per week. Though difficult, the IB program gave me the opportunity to do things normal high school students do not get to experience. For instance, before graduation, I had already completed research papers of over 4,000 words. High school wasn't easy for me, but I've always liked to be busy. Life's no fun when you're sitting around watching TV.