Reagan Kenneth Wood

professional bio

Reagan Wood.

Reagan Wood

Pursuing Bachelor of Science - Software Engineering

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS

Who I Am.

On paper, I'm a computer scientist. To most people that probably means I spend hours learning the ins and outs of coding languages, spend more time talking to my computer than I do to other people, and my mornings begin with an energy drink because sometimes I sleep a lot less than I probably should. While partially true, above all else my computer is the way I give to others. It's my way to give to people experiences, information, laughs, energy, community, and happiness. Because after all, I've found that there is no better feeling than helping to improve people's lives without an expectation of equal return. So yes, I'm a Computer Scientist, but that doesn't mean I chose it so I don't have to talk to other people or to avoid going out in the sunlight. I chose programming because it is a tool I can use better someone's life while improving my own. I hope you enjoy my website, and good luck to you!

What I'm Up to.

Besides being a full time student at Kansas State University I spend my time playing soccer, lifting weights, running, participating in the KSU Mobile Development Club, and working at General Electric Aviation Systems as an Engineer/Technologist. I've worked at GE for about a year and a half now, full-time and part-time during the school year. Needless to say, I like to stay busy. Whether its soccer, school, work, or otherwise, I'm always looking for something meaningful to fill my time with.

What I can Do for You.

I'm constantly looking to explore new ideas, projects, and work opportunities that can enrich my life and help those around me. Through my past work experiences, I have shown that I can bring meaningful results and value to projects and teams I work on. If you are interested in someone with a proven track record of excellence and a killer work ethic, click here to contact me!

Contact Me

Though I'm presently seeking to be fluent in multiple coding languages, I haven't forgot how to speak English. Please if you have questions, opportunities, food, or know a woman interested in dating me, reach out at reaganwood1(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Additionally, you can call or text me at 913 - (Five)58-6231